Monday, July 17, 2017

Quick (but telling) IE vs. Chrome Comparison

The following "perfect timing" slideshow on MSN is entertaining, so my first thought was that IE would be the best browser with which to view it.  It's *MS*N after all.  Firefox is my main browser, but I like to fire up alternatives from time to time to understand the experience (well, except for Edge which still sucks).

Boy was I wrong about IE here.  It was slow, flaky, and then starting giving me "long-running script" errors and offering to stop the script for me. Even after saying yes to stop the script, the whole browser eventually locked up on me. FAIL.

Contrast that to Chrome, which was fast and worked flawlessly displaying the slideshow

I didn't try Firefox, because I have NoScript installed and just didn't want to deal with getting the slideshow to work.


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