Friday, January 27, 2017

Webinar - Intro to Security Testing

I haven't done much blogging for a while.  I will be doing more posts this year.  At least that's one of my new year's resolutions!  Some of my posts will be original content residing here, but others will be links to articles or posts I've done elsewhere.

I'd like to start 2017 by sharing a link to the webinar I did in 2015 that is aimed at anyone who wants to dip their toes into the world of web application penetration testing.  The webinar was for the benefit of the uTest Community, and you therefore need an account to view the webinar.  It's easy and free to sign up though.

I'm proud to say the uTest community has given my webinar a stellar rating of 4.86 stars out of 5!  If you are new to the field of manual appsec testing, I'm sure you'll find it helpful.  Pro tip: install and learn Burp Suite!

The webinar is here:



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